Client testimonials

"Members of my team have told me their Clever Me coach is very easy to get along with and made them feel comfortable talking about an awkward subject."

– Ben Homan, Bunnings, Nelson

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a Clever Me Coach help me?

A Clever Me Coach will help you develop a money plan, set goals and become more confident in looking after your money.

Is Clever Me an investment planning service?

No, Clever Me is a financial coaching programme designed to help employees become smarter with their money and live financially worry-free lives.

How do I get help from a Clever Me Coach?

After we have met, your Clever Me Coach will make contact and arrange an appointment with you or you can contact us on:

Can you work with my partner too?

You bet we can. Actually, we find this is often beneficial because it helps you both work together to get ahead financially.

How long do I need to work with a Clever Me Coach?

That depends on your situation, your financial goals, and how quickly you feel confident in looking after yourself and in making the right decisions. Our Coaches will work with you as long as you need them to.

Who provides Clever Me?

Clever Me is a programme delivered by Credit Union South (T/A NZCU South). NZCU South is a Registered Financial Services Provider and belongs to the Banking Ombudsman dispute resolution scheme. NZCU South is regulated under the Financial Markets Authority.

What if my goals change?

Our Clever Me Coaches understand that circumstances change, so they can help you change your plans at any stage.

How will I know that Clever Me Coaching is working for me?

We know from experience that by following the advice of your Clever Me Coach, you’ll see great results and become more confident in building a healthier financial future. Your Clever Me Coach will keep in touch at regular intervals to discuss your progress, and we encourage you to contact them whenever you have questions or concerns.

How much does Clever Me Coaching cost?

The first three months are free. After that, we charge $10 per month, plus account usage fees.

I work Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.00pm. When can I see a Clever Me Coach?

We’re flexible and will fit in to meet your needs.


Making the decision to get help with your money is the first step. To find out more about Clever Me, or to make an appointment with one of our Coaches, please contact us on 0800 TO COACH (862 622) or