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"I no longer have to worry when bills come in because there’s money set aside to pay them. The best thing is that now I even have some savings."

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About Clever Me

Help your employees change their lives forever and watch your company’s performance grow.

Employee performance. It’s a state of mind.

There’s a strong connection between the financial health of your employees and their performance within your company. Concerns about money are a major cause of workplace stress and unhappiness. In today’s multi-choice world, too many employees lack the knowledge and skills for handling the array of financial challenges and opportunities.

Introducing Clever Me: A smart way to get the best out of your team.

We believe that everyone deserves to make the most of their hard-earned money.

We also believe that employees without money worries perform better in the workplace.

That’s the thinking behind Clever Me. It’s a financial coaching programme (not an investment planning service) designed to help employees become smarter with their money and live financially worry-free lives.

Clever Me is a programme delivered by Credit Union South (T/A NZCU South). NZCU South is a Registered Financial Services Provider and belongs to the Banking Ombudsman dispute resolution scheme. NZCU South is regulated under the Financial Markets Authority.

The Reality: Happy at home. Happier at work.

Comments from some of New Zealand’s biggest employers suggest that staff are more productive at work when they are content in their lives outside work. They say that financial worries are by far the biggest cause of unhappiness and stress in the personal lives of their staff.

Regardless of their financial situation, our goal is to help people navigate their way to a happier life, through an easy-to-understand, common sense approach to looking after their financial affairs and achieving their aspirations.

Clever Me makes a difference to your staff well being by equipping them with the knowledge to make better financial decisions. It teaches them how to plan for their financial commitments, pay debt back faster, save more, and get themselves into a position where they call the financial shots.

Clever Me can make a noticeable difference to your company’s performance.

  • Increased productivity
  • A more focussed team
  • Safer work practices
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Happier staff, better morale.

How do employees get involved with Clever Me?

Clever Me is a new financial coaching programme we are introducing to employees through their employers.

Because we believe Clever Me can make a real difference to the performance of your company, we want to work closely with you in helping members of your team become smarter with their money.

With your permission, we visit your site and present Clever Me to your team. In doing so, we aim to identify people who could benefit from our help.